Post-it noted (samcurlz) wrote in escapexvelocity,
Post-it noted

Goodbye my loves

I'm leaving this community.
I haven't cut to break the skin in a year. Which I am proud of.
I have also quit smoking.
This has been a trial for me. Trial of will I suppose. I've gone to running, the socially acceptable SI.
I will always feel an instant connection with people I see with scars. Knowing I've been there too. My scars aren't all 'public', but the deep ones on my shoulders will stay there and remind me where I've been.

To anyone who really wants to quit SI, I wish you luck. It's a process; a long one. Stay strong. Rely on your friends, that's what they're there for. They love you. We love you.
If you ever need someone to spill words at, you may leave me a message here. Or on AIM: yosamm11.

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